About us

I define myself as someone who gets excited in front of a blank page. When I was a kid, I used to spend long hours drawing, imaging new worlds, places and adventures.
Following my passion, I studied Jewellery Design in Massana School (Barcelona) where I discovered a world full of possibilities.
Trends like Bauhaus had a huge influence on me, from Mies Van de Rohe to contemporary architects like Tadao Ando.
My first steps into design were linked to our family business, a jewellery store founded in 1954. 
A big change for me when it came to designing was stepping from a tiny sized brush to 3D software suite. At that moment, I started to design for many local jewellery brands, creating new pieces under a large set of categories, letting me master different techniques and styles.
3D modelling lets the designer and the customer enjoy a new piece before it comes into real life, knowing its weight in advance according to the materials and we play with a limitless universe of geometric possibilities. That's a big leap forward from traditional techniques where everything was handcrafted. 
Now, it is time to get back to basics and design and build new pieces with total freedom under my own signature brand. These pieces have a personal and artistic touch but they never lose ergonomics. These jewels show strong personality that try to surprise and discover new creative paths.
This brand new website lets me get to a more global reach of jewel lovers. Welcome.
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